Group Therapy Sessions 2021

Coming together in a group who are interested in wellbeing can be both challenging and illuminating. Understanding the dynamics of expressing ourselves where privacy and respect are held in high regard can give rise to new strengths and insights. Of course old behaviours occur which allows opportunities for greater awareness and insight. Together the group assists each other to further aims and objectives that become clearer over time.

The Group   Whether you want to clarify your vision for the future, experience fear or anxiety, if you experience depression or addictions, the group has the potential to assist each person with the aid of a clear structure and group members.

This small group will consist of no more than seven participants plus the leader and each session will be for 2 hours. This is the first in a series of three eight-week groups throughout 2021. Group experience is best when all participants commit to all of the weekly sessions. 

During the first series participants will be able to reserve a place in the following cycle if they so wish. This means that the second and third cycles will be a new group which will bring experiences of both continuity and freshness.

Cycle One

29 March

26 April

05 April

10 May

19 April

03 May

12 April

17 May 

We will meet on Level 1 Brandon House, 32 The Terrace. Each session is 2 hours and will be on the following Mondays 5.30-7.30pm;

The fee is $350 per person for the eight weeks.

Contact Jerri for more information on or 0276397045

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