Psychotherapy, Counselling and Psychodrama

People are always searching. This can be seen as creative action and also seen as dissatisfaction with the oneĀ“s present situation in life.  One view understands through the eye of the inevitable failures in life and what we do not do well and another view sees creativity, potentiality and possibility.

Having worked with people for many years I see the need to maintain clarity of these views with both eyes wide open.

Psychotherapy means to care for the soul. This caring is done through speaking, listening, seeing and sensing oneself into being. Becoming that which we aspire toward. 

Psychodrama is to enact and produce ones dreams, fears and wishes, gently extending  ones capacity whilst exploring the system in which we live. 

Notions of conscious and unconsconsious are ideas well emedded in our everyday langauge. The unconscious can been seen as a language of dreams and the conscious  the ideas we think and the words we say. 

There is an area inbetween, that which is known and what is yet to be discovered. One question is how do we actualise our dreams and reduce the things we say and do that are in conflict with our true wishes.

Mindfulness is a modern adaptation of awareness in everyday life. Focussing on ones intention and remembering this through our busy day is a key factor. Considering others too have their own intentions, we can be aware of self and other to navigate communications in personal and professional relationships.

Many artists paint and draw what they percieve to be the inner structure of the psyche, soul, spirit and the self. 

This work to explore and describe inner experiences is unlike any other endeavour in life. We bring into focus the past and present, develop our vision and plans for the future

True knowledge is experience itself, there is nothing to replace or shortcut this process, this is the complexity of our life.

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